Business Permit Application
All owners who wish to open/establish a business establishment in the territorial jurisdiction of the Municipality of Castillejos shall apply for business registration (MAYOR'S / BUSINESS PERMIT) prior to operation.
Business establishments operating without the benefit of a MAYOR'S / BUSINESS PERMIT shall be subjected to CLOSURE upon recommendation of the Head of the BPLO, MPDC (Zoning), Engineering Office (Building Permit), BFP (Fire Safety), RHU (Sanitary Permit), MTO (Payment), and Assessor's Office (Real Property Tax) after due process
No business permits shall be issued to all establishments located in sidewalks, streets, road right-of-way, and other public lands except for areas allowed by the Municipality of Castillejos thru Executive Order or legislation and other government agencies.
Citizen's Charter
Basic Requirements
Business Registration
For NEW Business
For Business RENEWAL