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Covid-19 Update (May 23, 2021)

The Office of the Mayor announced on Sunday, May 23, fifteen new positive cases of the disease. Total cases within the municipality is now at 237.

Case 223 and Case 224 are siblings age 2 years old and 1 year old, respectively. They are the children of two police officers who had previously been diagnosed with the disease, and have now been confirmed positive for COVID-19 after undergoing RT PCR test. Their grandmother who also lives in the same household has also been found “reactive” to the Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) and is now awaiting the RT PCR results.

Case 225 to Case 227 are minors living in Balaybay. They are relatives of an earlier case whose condition worsened despite receiving two shots of an anti-viral vaccine. All three patients are only exhibiting mild symptoms and are currently recovering in the quarantine facility.

Case 228 to Case 230 are also relatives of previously reported cases stemming from their workplace in SBMA. All three cases are residents of Balaybay living in the same compound with two other people. They are now recovering in the Castillejos quarantine facility.

Case 231 is a 29 year old resident of San Roque and is a coworker of a previously confirmed case. As they exhibited symptoms of the disease, by the advise of their company the patient underwent an RT PCR test in Red Cross Olongapo which confirmed that they were positive for COVID-19. Due to their symptoms they were brought to the President Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Hospital (PRMMH) to recover.

Case 232 is a minor and is a resident of Del Pilar. They are a close contact of their relatives who had been previously diagnosed with the disease. The patient was brought to the quarantine facility where one of their relatives are currently staying at to recover. Another one of their relatives positive for the virus is recovering in the PRMMH.

Case 233 and Case 234 are frontliners working at a private hospital in SBMA. Case 233 is 23 years old, and is a resident of San Jose while Case 234 is 25 years old, living in Magsaysay. Both patients exhibited symptoms of varying severity before being confined to the same hospital they work at, and are now recovering.

Case 235 is a minor, their residence is unspecified. The patient had a consultation at the San Marcelino District Hospital (SDMH) due to stomach aches. As per the hospital’s health protocols, the RAT was administered on the patient which returned a “reactive” result. They were then transferred to the PRMMH wherein they underwent the RT PCR test which confirmed that the patient was positive for the disease. The patient remains recovering in the hospital.

Case 236 is 26 years old and a resident of Del Pilar. The patient reported their condition to the RHU after receiving the results of the RT PCR test conducted in Red Cross Olongapo. As they were exhibiting symptoms of the disease, they were brought to the PRMMH to recover.

Case 237 is 38 years old and a resident of San Pablo. The only report local authorities received regarding this patient was that they are currently recovering in a private hospital in SBMA after testing positive in the RT PCR conducted by Red Cross Olongapo.

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