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Magnitude 6.1 Earthquake rocks Castillejos

A magnitude 6.1 earthquake struck Luzon on April 22, 2019 with epicenter located 16 km northeast of Castillejos. The earthquake was felt throughout Zambales and its neighboring provinces inflicting damages on roads, buildings, and houses.

Classes and office work were cancelled in Zambales the following day as officials assessed the aftermath of the earthquake. In an interview with DZMM, Castillejos Municipal Mayor Jose Angelo M. Dominguez confirmed that there were no casualties and no major damages in the town before conducting a field inspection of each barangay with the Municipal Engineer, Municipal Planning and Development Officer, Fire Marshals, PNP, and MDRRM Officers.

The Municipality of Castillejos would like to reiterate the safety precautions during and after an earthquake. During an earthquake it is important to Duck, Cover, and Hold ideally under the protection of a sturdy furniture such as a table. After an earthquake, head towards an open field in an orderly manner while still guarding your head and nape. Remember to keep a list of people within an establishment to confirm if everyone safely evacuated.

Earthquakes are unpredictable. Office work had just ended for the day and most of the employees of the Municipality of Castillejos had gone home when the earthquake struck. There were some in the middle of traffic on the way home, some who stayed in the office working overtime alone, and some already at home but regardless of location those caught within the radius of an earthquake are susceptible to danger. Stay prepared. Stay alert.