Castillejos Free Summer Sports Clinic

Castillejos Free Summer Sports Clinic

The Filipinos have a very interesting take in their homeland’s seasons.
According to the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical an Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), the Philippines have two seasons based on temperature and rainfall – the wet (or rainy) season which spans from June to November, and the dry season which spans from December to May. PAGASA also defined two distinct periods during the dry season – the cool dry season and the hot dry season. These are all textbook information and can be usually found in the early lessons of a student’s Social Studies or Philippine History course. However, beyond the formal definitions of these two seasons, the hot dry season, especially for students, is well known as the Summer vacation and the arrival of the wet season usually signals the start of a new academic year at school. As of this writing, the Philippines is currently experiencing another (very) hot dry season.

Summer vacation, as most primary and secondary students fondly call it, usually spans from late March or early April to late May or early June. No homeworks are handed out for students to work on as this period is in-between the end and start of an academic year. It’s roughly a two-month lull from academics which gives students plenty of free time to spend enjoying their old hobbies, learning new skills, and everything else in-between. The change from their usual routine can be a bit overwhelming, however, and with plenty of time to do plenty of things, no fruit might actually grow from planting too many seeds and not dedicating enough time to water them. Hoping to keep these students productive, the Municipality of Castillejos introduced the Free Summer Sports Clinic.

The Free Summer Sports Clinic was organized by the Castillejos Sports Council and sponsored by the Municipality of Castillejos. Interested applicants (ages 4 to 18) need only to register in their preferred sport to get free lessons from coaches hand-picked by the Sports Council. The Free Sports Clinic will run from April 8 to May 10, 2019.

Applications are still ongoing until April 22, 2019. Interested applicants may *apply at the Municipal Hall Tourism Office.

*Please bring 2×2 picture of the applicant, and parent’s consent is required