Castillejos records five new cases of COVID-19

Castillejos records five new cases of COVID-19

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The Office of the Mayor announced on Tuesday, May 4, five new cases of COVID-19. Total number of cases now at 189.

Case 185 is a resident of Magsaysay, 88 years old. On April 21, the patient asked to get a check up for their hernia at the San Marcelino District Hospital. Patient was subject to a Rapid Antigen Test as per health protocols where they were found reactive which were grounds to bring the patient to the Castillejos Quarantine Facility after receiving treatment for their hernia. However, three days after receiving treatment from SMDH, pain from their hernia began to arise once more which prompted our municipal health officer to transfer the patient to the President Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Hospital. There the patient was subjected to a RT PCR test which returned a positive result. Their compound is currently in lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus.

Case 186 is a resident of San Agustin, 36 years old, and working in SBMA. They were a close contact of a fellow commuter traveling to work on the same vehicle. An RT PCR test was conducted on the patient at Red Cross Olongapo by order of their company, returning a positive result. A Rapid Antigen Test has also been conducted on their family which were all found to be non-reactive. Lockdown was still imposed, however, to avoid the spreading of the virus.

Case 187 is a resident of Nagbunga, 28 years old. The patient took a Raid Antigen Test in compliance to the requirements set by the company they were applying for in Pampanga. The test returned a reactive result which prompted the company to escort the patient back to the Castillejos Quarantine Facility. While the patient is not exhibiting any symptoms, their RT PCR test returned positive confirming that they have the disease. Their home has been disinfected and is currently in lockdown as the patient recovers in the quarantine facility.

Case 188 and Case 189 are parent and child 37 years old and 15 years old, respectively. On April 26, our RHU received a report that the 37 year old patient was exhibiting symptoms of the virus as they came down with the flu on April 19, and began to lose their sense of taste on April 23. They were immediately subjected to a Rapid Antigen Test where they were reactive. While the 37 year old patient was kept inside the quarantine facility, follow up RT PCR tests also confirmed that their 15 year old child was also positive for the virus. The patients’ house has been disinfected and is currently in lockdown to prevent the possible spreading of the virus.

Below is the official announcement from OneCastillejos: