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Covid-19 Update (May 14, 2021)

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The Office of the Mayor announced on Friday, May 14, five new recoveries from COVID-19 and seven new positive cases of the disease. Total cases within the municipality is now at 210.

Case 204 and Case 205 are employees of the same Food Distribution Company within the municipality Both patients belong to the five workers who were found to be reactive after conducting the Rapid Antigen Test on the previous update three days ago, but their results arrived later than the other three. Case 204 is a 41 year old resident of Del Pilar, married, and working as a delivery driver of the company. They are not exhibiting any symptoms of the disease. However, Case 205, a 33 year old resident of Balybay, has coughs with phlegm. Both are now recovering in the Castillejos quarantine facility in sitio Baring, San Nicolas.

Case 206 is a 21 year old resident of Balybay, working in a Scrap Trading within SBMA. The patient was confirmed positive for the disease after a random RT PCR test was conducted by their company. They remain confined in the quarantine facility while recovering.

Case 207 is a 38 year old resident of Balaybay working as a “line leader” in a Manufacturing Company within SBMA. They are part of a contact trace of their manager who had previously been diagnosed as positive for the disease. They were confirmed positive after undergoing the RT PCR test at Red Cross Olongapo in compliance with their company policies. According to a representative from their company, 18 individuals tested positive for COVID-19. The patient is exhibiting mild symptoms of the disease and is currently recovering in the qurantine facility.

Case 208 is a 58 year old resident of Balaybay. The patient was scheduled for a flight overseas but had to remain in the country after testing positive for COVID-19 as undergoing an RT PCR test is a requirement when leaving the country. On the day the test results were released, the patient went down with a fever and chose to be confined in a private hospital in SBMA. The patient’s recovery is still being closely monitored.

Case 209 is a 35 year old soldier deployed in Jolo. On April 23, the patient arrived in their residence at Nagbayan. After an unspecified duration, the patient underwent an RT PCR test at Red Cross Olongapo in compliance with the health and safety protocols before flying back to their station. Unfortunately, the test result came back positive for Covid-19 delaying the patient’s departure. While they are not exhibiting any symptoms related to the virus, they were still transported to the quarantine facility where they are currently recovering.

Case 210 is a 31 year old police officer station in Olongapo, living in Del Pilar. They are a contact trace of their spouse who had previously contracted the virus. As they were exhibiting several symptoms of varying severity related to the disease, the patient was transported to the President Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Hospital to closely monitor their recovery.

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