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Eight new Positive Cases recorded Friday

The Municipality of Castillejos has recorded eight more positive cases of COVID-19, the Office of the Mayor announced on Friday, April 30. Total number of cases within the municipality are now at 184.

Case 177 is a resident of Brgy. San Nicolas, 57 years old, and working as a teacher on a neighboring town. The patient was first brought to the San Marcelino District Hospital for initial aid after having difficulties in breathing due to asthma before being brought to a private hospital in SBFZ for further treatment. An RT-PCR test was conducted on the patient which confirmed that the patient was positive for the disease. The patient is currently staying in the hospital while their family are subject to a lockdown and disinfection.

Case 178 is an employee of a private company. The patient underwent a Rapid Antigen Test prior to traveling to Pangasinan in compliance with the province’s health protocols. The test returned a “reactive” result and was advised to follow up with an RT-PCR test paid for by the company. The test returned a positive result. Despite showing no symptoms of the disease, the patient was promptly brought to the President Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Hospital in Iba where they are currently recovering.

Case 179 is a resident of Nagbunga, 45 years old, and working in a Railways company based in Bulacan. Their company conducted an RT-PCR test on its employees advising them to stay until the results have been released. According to the patient, after a disagreement with the other tenants in their living quarters broke out, they decided to go home before the tests results were released. It was only after the patient has arrived back home when they received, via phone call, the news that they were positive for the disease. The patient was immediately brought to the President Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Hospital to recover from the disease. Their family are currently being observed.

Case 180 is a resident of Del Pilar, 37 years old, and is an Engineer in SBMA. A Rapid Antigen Test was conducted for them and their coworkers. Four workers, including the patient, received a “reactive” result and were advised to undergo an RT-PCR test which returned a positive result. While the patient is not exhibiting any symptoms of the virus, they were still brought to the President Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Hospital for further monitoring as their blood pressure continued to rise well past normal levels. Their family have also been subject to the Rapid Antigen Test which returned a negative result.

Case 181 is a resident of Balaybay, 23 years old, and working as a production staff in SBMA. On April 23, the patient was sent home to rest after coming down with a fever while at work. They notified the Barangay Health Workers of their condition and was advised to see a doctor. The following day, the patient consulted with a private doctor and was declared “fit to work” despite still having a fever. On April 26, the RHU conducted a Rapid Antigen Test on the patient and was determined to be “reactive”. The patient was then scheduled for an RT-PCR Test by their company at Red Cross Olongapo where it returned a positive result. As of this writing, the patient is currently recovering in the President Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Hospital.

Case 182 is a resident of San Jose, 39 years old, and is an employee of the Castillejos Municipal Hall. The patient first experienced several symptoms of the virus like sudden hoarseness of voice, followed by coughing, then loss of smell – all in the span of a few days. The patient consulted with our municipal doctor where they underwent a Rapid Antigen Test which returned a “reactive” result. The patient was forwarded to the Castillejos quarantine facility while those part of their contact trace were subjected to a Rapid Antigen Test. Their home is currently in lockdown and coworkers who had close contact with the patient were advised to undergo a mandatory home quarantine.

Case 183 and Case 184 are a married couple living in San Jose. Both were contact traces of a relative living outside the municipality after accepting the relative into their home. The couple were subjected to a Rapid Antigen Test after our municipal doctor learned of their circumstance. The result returned a reactive result for both patients and have been transferred to the quarantine facility as a result.

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