Ulat sa Bayan and Inaugural Session 2019

The arrival of July marked a momentous occasion for the Municipality of Castillejos as it both signaled the end and subsequent beginning of a new administration – the first turnover of leadership in nine years – led by Vice Mayor Dr. Rizal Salih, councilors of the Sangguniang Bayan, and SB Secretary Irene Burgos.

Back Row (standing, left to right): Councilor Maria Cecilia Felarca-Rafan, ABC President Romeo Calimlim, SK President Zekiah Lee Tiong, Councilors Albert Tugadi, Raymund Navarro, Resty Viloria, Arturo Manzano, Eric Pantaleon, and Ed Gutierrez
Front Row (seated, left to right): Mayor Eleanor D. Dominguez and Vice Mayor Dr. Rizal Salih

Blessed by the rains that closed the month of June, the start of July marked the conclusion of a nine-year long leadership that oversaw tremendous change and growth for the Municipality. Serving as the Mayor of Castillejos for three consecutive terms, then Mayor Jose Angelo M. Dominguez stood at the podium and delivered his last State of the Municipality Address before passing on the torch. In his words, with fervor and conviction, then Mayor JAMD stated that “the State of the Municipality is Strong” before highlighting the merits and achievements accomplished by the Municipality under his leadership.

Hon. Jose Angelo M. Dominguez delivers his last State of the Municipality address as Mayor

Taking the reigns way back in 2010, then Mayor JAMD made it his mission to improve the image of Castillejos starting from the inside – the Municipal Hall of Castillejos. It is difficult to imagine how the Municipal Hall looked then, and more so the working condition in each office as it is a complete far cry from how it is now. Glass now adorn the walls of each office as opposed to concrete perhaps symbolic of the Municipality’s intent to promote transparency, as well as providing an effective solution to ease monitoring without disturbing the workflow. Proper office equipment have been procured to not only boost productivity but to also promote a comfortable workplace. It took three years to renovate the Municipal Hall and the leadership that Mayor JAMD showed throughout this period echoed through the entire municipality as he set his focus on improving its infrastructure, public safety, health, agriculture, and education for the duration of his tenure. Castillejos is in a better place overall, and though Mayor JAMD still have plans for the municipality, he passes the reigns on to equally capable hands led by Mayor Eleanor D. Dominguez.

Mayor Eleanor D. Dominguez delivers her inaugural speech

In her inaugural address, Mayor EDD outlined her plans to further develop Castillejos stressing the importance of several sectors including Tourism, Health, and PESO. Over the past couple of years Castillejos experienced a boost in tourism through local festivities like the Farmers’ Week, the Suman Ibos Festival, and the December pageants. Beyond providing entertainment, however, Mayor EDD intends to develop a profitable Tourism through a One Stop Shop for souvenirs and local delicacies made by the people of Castillejos. Noting its singular public health center in the municipality and the difficulty far flung residents often endure to reach its services, Mayor EDD proposed a mobile clinic to easily provide medical services for remote areas of the town. In order to boost local employment, training would be given for applicants on how to conduct themselves during the interview process. Mayor EDD also highlighted her planned developments of the Castillejos Public Market, Public Cemetery, and Public Roads of Castillejos.

It is interesting to see how these proposed projects would span for the next three years but if this sizzle reel of planned developments is any indication it is that though there has been a change in leadership, Castillejos continues its steady stride towards undefined boundaries.